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Junior Jaguars

St. Joseph of Cupertino Preschool
Junior Jaguars

Our preschool program offers a rich and engaging curriculum that fosters a love of learning through:

  • Independent activities that encourage children to explore and discover at their own pace

  • Teacher-directed lessons that cater to each child's unique strengths, interests, and learning style

  • Small-group activities that promote socialization and teamwork

Our curriculum is designed to support the development of:

  • Creative expression through art, music, and imaginative play

  • Early literacy skills through phonics, reading comprehension, and language development

  • STEM skills that lay the foundation for future success in math, science, and technology

  • Confidence-building opportunities to problem-solve, make decisions, and take calculated risks

In addition, we prioritize:

  • A safe, secure, and clean environment that meets or exceeds all state, local, and national guidelines for preschool settings

  • A Growing Readers: Ready to Read program that introduces children to the joy of reading by teaching them to recognize letters, sounds, and written messages


Our goal is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children can thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning.

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