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School Objectives

  • Religious Education Goals: St. Joseph of Cupertino School dedicates itself to an ongoing process of faith development among faculty, students, and families.

    • To foster a spirituality based on the teachings of Jesus Christ: respect, responsibility, justice, freedom, and peacefulness.

    • To impart knowledge and understanding of the principles and traditions of our Catholic faith.

    • To guide students in understanding and loving the basic message of Scripture.

    • To challenge students to live the values of Jesus in daily life.

  • Intellectual Goals: Stimulate intellectual curiosity, thinking critically, acting responsibly.

    • To stimulate intellectual curiosity, and foster a lifelong appreciation of knowledge.

    • To provide students with a solid educational foundation.

    • To instill a sense of responsibility and pride in their work through the formation of good and productive study habits.

    • To develop responsible decision-making skills based on Christian values.

    • To guide students to develop critical thinking skills.

    • To develop an awareness and appreciation of our multicultural society.

  • Psychological, Social, and Physical Goals: 

    • To foster growth as well as concentration, students need to be operating from their best, most comfortable, and most confident selves. 

    • Students should grow to be happy, productive, caring, and generous people 

      • To encourage students to believe in themselves - in their abilities and in their goodness.

      • To foster acceptance and compassion among our students so that we become a welcoming community which reaches out to others.

      • To develop an atmosphere which encourages strong and honest friendships; and to provide guidance which helps the child to grow in these friendships.

      • To foster unselfishness and instill social responsibility, so that our children may grow to be good caretakers of the world.

      • To encourage student leadership and instill a sense of pride in our school community.

    • Students' well-being involves educating them about their physical and mental health.

      • To develop in students good habits of physical hygiene.

      • To develop lifelong habits of good nutrition and exercise.

      • To instill in students a high regard for safety.

      • To infuse knowledge of and respect for our physical bodies, and the bodies of others.

      • To care for our physical surroundings.

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