Feedback from our Community - 2015-2016 School Year

Our three boys currently attend St. Joseph of Cupertino School. We could not have asked for a better place to send our children and would recommend this school to anyone for a stellar Catholic education! We moved to the Bay Area from Southern California, and toured almost every Catholic school in the nearby area. The minute we stepped foot on St. Joseph of Cupertino’s campus, we knew it was “the one”. There is something so special about the school community – it is not just a school, we are one big family. The administration is amazing and responsive, families know each other very well, and teachers care so much about their students. Students are challenged academically and are offered a plethora of extra-curricular activities. My boys always have the greatest smiles on their faces when I pick them up from school. I could not ask for a more loving place to send our boys! Christ’s light and love truly shine through all who are here, at St. Joseph of Cupertino School.

The Kintana Family,
Grades 6, 3, and K

What I love most about SJC:

-SPARCCLS!! We love how SJC doesn't just focus on academics, but rather the whole child! Our little girl gets to learn, play, make friends, mingle with her buddies - what's not to like?! She actually asked us to drive her to SJC just to stop by over the Christmas holiday break because she missed going to school so much. That is how much she loves being at SJC!

-Great communication – the weekly envelope contains great detail of information about the school and community. We get constant updates from teachers about how our child is doing (day-to-day informal chats and parent/teacher conference). We feel very fortunate and blessed to be part of the SJC family. A big thank you to all the teachers and faculty members from the bottom of our hearts for their true dedication!

The Yu Family,
Grade K

The faculty and staff are completely caring and provide each student a well-rounded education. Academics are a top priority. SJC is family and the children are happy to be there and practice their faith.

The Gonzalez Family,
Grades 8 and 4

My family just joined SJC this year. We are coming from an excellent school in Cupertino Union School District, which is known for their academic excellence. But as a parent, we are looking for more than just academic excellence. We want our son to not only excel academically but also to excel spiritually. We want him to become a well-rounded person and SJC is the school for that. Since the first day of school, my son felt the overwhelming support from his friends and his teachers. And as a new parent, I also felt the overwhelming support from other parents, teachers, principal, and school staff. At SJC we feel like we belong to one big family. The only regret that I have is not having my son join SJC earlier.

The Kwan Family,
Grade 7

Two things that stand out about SJC. First, the environment is conducive for development of a well-rounded student who can excel in academics and in social skills. Second, there is a strong partnership between the school and parents which has built a strong curriculum and a close-knit community.

The Bui Family,
Grade 1

I also love the sense of community that SJC Junior Jaguar Preschool offers. It's as if we are one BIG family. The teachers take the time to update you on your child's day-today activities and their concerns. More importantly, the teachers listen to your needs and work with you.

The Ly Family,
SJC Junior Jaguars Preschool

My children attend 5th and 7th grade at Saint Joseph School in Cupertino. It has been a wonderful fit for my sons. They feel very connected to the school because of the warm attention they receive from their teachers, and other staff members. Everyone who works at the school--the custodians, the librarian, the teacher aides, the afterschool care givers--is friendly, knows students by name, and helps the kids if they need something.

I am especially impressed with the calming, positive influence this school has on my children. They have a strong sense of security here because the teachers are professional, expect quality work and behavior, and they demonstrate it themselves. The teachers are so hardworking! They must spend hours on assignments and tending to student needs. They return communication promptly and address concerns in a positive way. They make an effort to be a team with me to further my child’s learning. Most importantly, the teachers are invested in my child’s social and emotional learning.

The Huey Family,
Grades 7 and 5

First and foremost, I would like to say how happy we are with the entire SJC staff, especially the wonderful teachers. This is the 4th year my daughter has been going to SJC and every time my wife and I walk out of a parent-teacher conference, we are thinking, “We are so lucky our daughter goes to this school!”

The Vader Family,
Grade 3

Our daughter has been attending SJC since Kindergarten and is now in 7th Grade. Her overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive. She has formed true and lasting friendships and is proud to be part of the Class of 2017. She has learned so much during her time here and, gratefully, has had teachers who have inspired her. She is genuinely happy to be a part of SJC.

The Smith Family,
Grade 7

We love SJC because of its diverse community, high academic standards, spiritual enrichment program, and wonderful and highly professional staff and teachers!

The Arreola Family,
SJC Class of 2014, Grades 6 and 3

* Sense of community
* Lots of support from faculty, staff, and other families
* Safe environment. Peace of mind for parents.
* Large variety of academic and enrichment programs

The Lin Family,
Grade 1

An SJC education is much more than just good academics: the school educates our children’s minds, bodies, spirits, and character through a program that combines good academics, physical activities, Catholic religious education, and character-building in the Catholic tradition of social justice. This is why the school has been so good for our children and blessing for our whole family.

The Garlepp Family,
Grades 8 and 5

We love St. Joseph of Cupertino in many ways! We really appreciate the wonderful teachers, Mrs. Hill the librarian, Mrs. Martinelli the art teacher, and our great principal, Ms. Lyons. We are not just a school, we are more of a community. St. Joseph has a strong community of families. Our school offers strong academics with so many extracurricular activities for all kids. Our kids are very happy at SJC and we love St. Joseph of Cupertino School!

The Jimenez Family,
Grades 3 and 1

I appreciate SJC for good communication. The principal, teachers, and students are friendly and they always take care of each other. Also, I love the fact that they teach and follow the Catholic values.

The Yoo Family,
Grade 3

S: Superb teachers who are compassionate and passionate about teaching
J: Jovial environment
C: Caring staff all around who encourage SPARCCLS with our children

The Guillermo Family,
Grades 3 and 1

We love the family atmosphere. The parents are engaged and active in the school community. The teachers and staff are dedicated, approachable and caring. It is a very safe atmosphere.

The Discenza Family,
Grades 3 and 2

We love the individual attention each child gets! The school is a community and each teacher demonstrates a love for their profession as well as their students.

The Cole Family,
Grades 6 and 1

SJC is an AMAZING school! The education is top rate, all kinds of sports and fun things to do, and a huge emphasis on building socially responsible, respectful, and great kids. SJC is a blessing!

The Schaller Family,
Grades 8 and 7

We like that our kids learn about God every day. Religion is very important to us and Saint Joseph complements our teachings.

The Byrne Family,
Grade K

Our family greatly appreciates the balanced whole child approach at SJC. The well-rounded curriculum, including religious education, is wonderful.

The To Family,
Grade K

We have been at SJC for eight years and my husband is an alumni. We love the community and family feeling of SJC. We are blessed to watch our two boys grow up and thrive in a wonderful community.

The Smith Family,
Grades 8 and 3

We have been a part of the St. Joseph of Cupertino Community for 4 years. We have found the school to be great in many ways. The education is vigorous and challenging while helping them prepare for the next grade. When choosing SJC we knew it was the kind of school that would support the values we instill at home and it absolutely has been. Both of our children are flourishing here. If you are looking to educate your child/children academically, socially and spiritually, St. Joseph of Cupertino is an excellent choice.

The Bowers Family,
Grades 3 and 2