Parking Lot Guidelines - Quick Reference

Below is a short summary of our parking lot safety guidelines. For more detailed information refer to our School Board Parking Lot Safety Agreement

Please observe the following guidelines for the safety of all our children:

  • Do not stop, park or drop-off at the red curb at any time. This area is for emergency vehicles only.
  • Follow the directional arrows painted on the blacktop for the proper flow of traffic.
  • Adults must walk the children to/from the sidewalk before and after school. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Students may be dropped off at the morning drop off area by the parish rectory offices. This area is not available after school for pickups.
  • Do not double park at any time.
  • Do not drive through the parking stall to the other side to either park or drive away.
  • Always back up very slowly.
  • The speed limit is 5 mph. Drive slowly and safely at all times.
  • Please join with us in protecting the safety of all our children by carefully following all of the parking lot guidelines. Your child's safety and the safety of others is the highest priority to all of us.


    If your foot is on the gas, you are going too fast!
    Keep it slow and watch where you go.

    Parking Lot Guidelines - Quick Reference