School Board Parking Lot Safety Agreement

In our continuing effort to ensure the safety of everyone at St. Joseph of Cupertino School, we ask families to review the parking lot safety rules and traffic flow pattern in this document. Please inform all drivers for your family that come to SJC that they must abide by these guidelines. Our parking lot is a partnership between all of us as drivers and pedestrians, working together for the safety of all our children.

Morning drop off areas

There are only 2 places to drop off children (without accompanying them to the sidewalk) in the morning. These are:

  • the drive through/drop off area in front of the parish Rectory; parents may drive through this area and drop off children at the sidewalk located there
  • the stalls located directly along the grassy field (students must walk on the track and not in the parking lot); these stalls are accessed by the normal traffic flow of the parking lot

Please see the attached map for these specific locations.

It is all right to park briefly in the Apple parking lot while you walk your child to school. Please return quickly to your car. The Apple parking lot is not available in the afternoon, during pickup

Drop off and Pick up

Whether you are bringing children to school or picking them up, unless you are using the morning drop off area, park in a stall and accompany the children across the parking lot all the way to the sidewalk or back to your vehicle. Please park only in the spaces in the central parking lot area (leave the perimeter spots for SJC staff).

Escorting the children applies to SJC students of all ages; there are no exceptions. Do NOT stop in the middle of the traffic flow to load your child(ren) into the car.

Children are to be escorted by adults at all times. The ONLY exception to this is that you can park along the grassy field and students may walk on the track to your vehicle (they may not walk unattended in the parking lot); you do not have to get out of your car.

Entry by the Business Buildings
(entrance between the gas station and Comerica Bank)

When entering or exiting SJC via the Comerica Bank entrance (on DeAnza Blvd), please keep to the right of the tree in either direction that you are traveling. Also, use caution as you transition across traffic into the business parking lot. As a courtesy to other drivers, please take turns with other drivers to alternate cars at this "intersection".

Traffic Monitors

Traffic monitors wear an orange or yellow vest and carry reminder signs and a whistle. Please follow the directions of these individuals. Violations are reported at the monthly School Board meetings. Please do not socialize with traffic monitors while they are doing their job — they are helping to keep everyone safe.

Staff Parking

SJC staff members park in the perpendicular parking stalls that are located along the two boundaries of the school that are marked by fences. These areas are for their exclusive use. Do not park in these areas at any time.

Speed Bumps & Signs

Speed bumps act as a further reminder to drive slowly and safely on school grounds at all times. Please pay attention to the colorful signs around the parking lot and school — they are a reminder of our safety motto, created by our children and the School Board.

Parking Lot Etiquette

  • Do not walk down the center of the aisles or driving areas — that is for the vehicles.
  • Be alert for cars that are already moving and do not walk behind them — they may not be able to see you approaching. Instead, wait until they have cleared your area and then move on.
  • Be cautious and aware of your surroundings when walking in the parking lot.
  • Make sure that you are driving 5 mph or less. How fast is that? It is about the same speed that an adult can do walking very quickly, but not quite jogging.
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving in the parking lot — everyone needs to pay attention.
  • Cars should always be parked in marked stalls.
  • Park only in the correct direction for that stall ( not pull forward through to the stall on the other side).
  • On school days, do not drive across the parking lot, even if it is fairly empty. There are children on the SJC campus from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm and this includes the parking lot.
  • Parking in the "Auction Winner" stall is reserved 24/7 for that family only.
  • Parking in the handicapped spaces is not for a "quick drop off" – they are for those with a handicapped placard only.

Thank you for paying attention to these guidelines, they are written for the safety of all our children.

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