Teacher’s Helper

Like many great new ideas at St. Joseph's, this one came from a group of parents who presented it to the School Board. While thinking of holiday gifts to give to their children's teachers, they realized that those teachers frequently spend their own money for classroom materials and supplies. The School Board asked school administrators to set up a program that would allow parents to give gifts of cash to teachers, as a way to offset some of those out-of-pocket expenses.

This strictly voluntary program is simply one way to say thanks to a teacher, or teachers, at St. Joseph's. It's a straight cash donation that can be made anytime during the year, and it goes into a pool, or a fund, that is distributed equally among classroom teachers at the beginning of each school year. Parents making donations will be given a card that they can present to the teacher, who will then know that a gift has been contributed in his or her name.

Teacher's Helper