L.I.F.E. Legacies In Faith and Education


November 2015

Dear Friend of St. Joseph of Cupertino School,

            Life at St. Joseph of Cupertino School is bustling and active, and the 2015-2016 school year has already been filled with so many activities and milestones.  We are learning, we are exploring, we are challenging ourselves.  We are reaching out to others, we are supporting our community, we are learning about those in need.  We are laughing, we are celebrating, we are enjoying life. And, of course, we are praying, we are raising our voices to God each day, we are constantly striving to listen to and live out the message of Jesus.

            In a nutshell, we are constantly growing.  Our wonderful children are a daily reminder of this growth.  We have the honor and privilege of seeing them move from preschool through eighth grade, and we recognize what a huge difference Catholic education makes in their lives.

            We come to you today to thank you for all you have done to enable our parish to offer this kind of outstanding educational experience to the children of our community, to ask for your continued support, and to share with you a few projects on which we are now working.

            As you will recall, last April Sister Peter Joseph lost her battle with cancer.  Sister died at far too young an age, and her loss has left a huge hole in our hearts and an empty spot in our community.  We miss her beyond words.  For the past few years, we have been trying to find a location on our campus to build a learning center to accommodate our numerous curricular and extracurricular programs. We hope to complete this project in the next four months, and we plan to name it the SISTER PETER JOSEPH LEARNING CENTER.  Having this extra learning space will be such a boon to our educational endeavors, and having it named in memory of Sister Peter Joseph will honor her legacy forever. 

            We also have a new phase of our extensive iPAD TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM underway.  As you know, SJC School has been in the forefront of educational technology for many, many years.  We have a state-of-the-art computer lab, numerous mobile labs (laptops on carts that can be taken into the classrooms), computers in every classroom, lots of iPads, and a 1:1 iPad program for our 8th graders.  But, as you also know, technology is a constantly changing and expanding area of education in today’s world.  In order to best prepare our students for high school and beyond, we want to accelerate our 1:1 iPad program, and introduce it to our 7th grade students this year.  Our teachers have worked hard to utilize iPads and educational apps to more fully engage students in interactive learning.  We have been excited by these advances and we really want to share the 1:1 experience with our 7th graders.  In addition, we want to purchase additional iPads for shared use among our other classes.  Our hope is to purchase 60 more iPads.

            We would love your help in achieving this next set of goals.  Each November, we conduct our school’s L.I.F.E. (Legacies In Faith and Education) Annual Development Drive to ensure that St. Joseph of Cupertino School remains a beacon of educational excellence. We thank you for your past generosity and ask for your continued support.  Please pray for us as we educate the children of today who will soon be the leaders of tomorrow.  As always, we also promise to keep you in our prayers.


Reverend Gregory Ng Kimm

Mary Lyons

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