Kindness Week

During the week of January 22nd, the SJC School Community will be celebrating Kindness Week. This is part of SJC’s Bullying Prevention program that we have in place. We always strive to create a positive culture here at SJC, one in which each person feels respected, honored, and included. Fostering a climate in which each child feels that they “belong” is critically important to our Catholic identity and to our call to follow the message of Jesus in all that we do. We also want our children to know that it is important to us, as the adults in their lives, that they feel safe, secure, and protected. This year’s theme especially focuses on the value of kindness to all. These are lessons that we teach all year long. This week however, we will read special books and complete special lessons to reinforce the concepts. The children will also be invited to wear friendship bracelets while they are in school this week as a visual reminder of kindness week. The family edition of the flyer for Kindness Week is included in this January 23rd Tuesday Envelope.