Scrip News - Benefit Digital Gift Card Platform


SJC is excited to announce another fundraising solution that will fit into many of your busy schedules. Benefit is a phone app that can be used to pay for your everyday purchases such as groceries, clothes, home goods, and more. Using your smartphone, you can pay on site at the store or online.

Benefit Mobile is perfect for when you need scrip on the spot like when you are already at a restaurant or store. A portion of your purchase goes directly back to SJC.

Retailers include Lowe’s, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and many more! For instance, find yourself at Red Robin for dinner? Purchase a virtual card of $60 to cover the bill and 5% comes to SJC. Each retailer’s terms is different.

You can choose your credit card as a payment method so you can still earn points on your favorite cards (but SJC will receive 3% less), or link your account to your checking account.

For our loyal gift card buyers, the physical gift cards are still the most beneficial for SJC as the school receives a higher percentage (especially no credit card fees). However, if you are in a pinch and need a last minute purchase, this option will still help SJC.

Download the app and add St. Joseph of Cupertino School as your beneficiary to start giving. To find out more information about the app go to Feel free to forward this information to family and friends. The more people who participate, the more funds we will raise.