Halloween Mission Carnival


We invite you and your family and friends to join us on Monday, October 31st for the Costume Parade at 12:45 p.m. and the Mission Carnival at 1:15 p.m.

  • Make sure your child’s costume is appropriate. Keeping with the spirit of our preschool through eighth grade Catholic school, funny/fun clowns are okay; creepy or gory clowns are not allowed.
  • Please send in money for the Mission Carnival tickets to your child’s classroom teacher any day this week or next week (50¢ each or 14 for $5.00; $5.00 worth of tickets will be plenty). The teacher will hold on to the tickets until Halloween so that your child won’t lose them. The children will be able to play fun games and enjoy refreshments during the Mission Carnival. And the most important thing about the money your child brings in for the tickets is that all proceeds will be donated to Sacred Heart Community Services, a local Catholic organization dedicated to living out the social justice mission of our Catholic faith. In this way, we teach our children to thank God for the many blessings we experience every day, and to reach out to people who are struggling.

Halloween Mission Carnival Flyer/Order Form