Blessing of the Animals


October 14th’s BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS with Bishop McGrath was very special. It was wonderful having the bishop on campus for the prayer service and classroom visits. The Fifth Grade students led a very meaningful prayer service in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, whose actual feast day was October 4. Children and parents led their family pets up for a blessing from Bishop McGrath. We sincerely thank Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Hernandez  for all they did in helping the students to lead this beautiful service. It was especially difficult to plan with the last Friday’s rainy weather.

Following the Blessing of the Animals prayer service, the bishop toured our classrooms. The students had a chance to ask the bishop questions in the classrooms which ranged in variety. Common questions asked in multiple classrooms were: what is it like to be a bishop, how do you become bishop, where do you live, what do you do in your free time/what’s your hobby, and what is your average day like. The bishop granted us a Bishop’s Holiday, a day off of school. More information about when this day will occur will be in an upcoming Tuesday Envelope.