L.I.F.E. Legacies In Faith and Education


Spring 2016

Dear Friends of St. Joseph of Cupertino Community,

Recently, a family with a long history in our parish applied to SJC School. They had run into some rough times. They desperately wanted their Kindergartner to receive a Catholic education, but they simply did not have enough income to pay for the full tuition. In addition, their child needed some extra academic support, which was going to require additional funds. They felt as if Catholic education was beyond their reach. However, because of SJC School’s sound planning and your constant generosity, we are the kind of Catholic school that keeps our doors open to Catholic families just like these. I was able to tell the parents about our strong financial aid program and I was able to reassure them that we have been able to add many programs over the years which address the learning needs of a wide range of students — from those children who can benefit from advanced academic programs to those children who need academic support. In short, we were able to welcome this very deserving family into our school community with open arms. And it has worked out beautifully. Their daughter is thriving in our school. Yes, she does need extra support with her reading, but she (and her parents) work very hard to make the most of all the help our staff provides and she is demonstrating remarkable growth. Just as importantly, this little girl is a wonderful addition to her class. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, and she has an indefatigable spirit. We are so happy that she and her family are a part of our community, and we look forward to welcoming her younger siblings soon.

I am sharing this story with you because it simply could not have happened without you. Over the years, all in our community have worked in partnership to make sure that the doors of our parish school remain open to the families in our community who value Catholic education. This spirit of inclusion is the tradition of our parish, the mission of our Catholic faith, and most importantly, the message of Jesus. At SJC School, we are dedicated to living out this spirit of welcome in big and small ways — from welcoming new students and families with friendship, to reaching out to families who are struggling, to teaching our students about the Gospel message of God’s love for every human being.

Every Easter Season we conduct our L.I.F.E. Scholarship Fund Appeal ("Legacies In Faith and Education").  Enclosed is information [PDF] that further describes the four scholarship funds that help families like the one described above:

  • The Dick and Mary Lou Caldwell Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Donna Brock Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Nick Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Fr. Leo Rooney Memorial Scholarship Fund

Be assured that your gift goes directly to the fund you designate; none is used for administrative overhead. Donations are tax deductible. An online donation option is also available. In addition, matching funds have provided a growing source of funding for SJC in recent years; please check with your employer.

As we move through this Easter Season toward Pentecost, we at SJC School would once again like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of the ways in which you share this spirit of welcome with the children and families of St. Joseph of Cupertino School. We pray for you and your loved ones often during our daily Morning Assemblies. May God bless you for helping us to live up to the spirit of inclusiveness and hope that is the message of Jesus.


Reverend Gregory Ng Kimm

Mary Lyons

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