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What is Legacies In Faith and Education?

Over 100 years ago, St. Joseph of Cupertino Church opened its doors to the local Catholic community and began its ministry of faith to thousands of parishioners. The parish school opened in 1956 to further cultivate the spiritual and academic growth of the children in our community.

Honoring these roots, the school community has developed specific learning expectations which guide our teaching, philosophy, and culture. Our hope is that every child at St. Joseph’s adopts these values and becomes a living example of them within the larger community, creating a legacy that lasts well beyond graduation from St. Joseph’s. We call these values our "SPARCCLS."

St. Joseph of Cupertino Students Are:

Academically Prepared
Community Oriented
Life-Long Learners
Strong Communicators

Legacies In Faith and Education (LIFE) is a program designed to provide the ongoing financial support that is necessary for us to live out our mission. Your participation will help to secure the future success of St. Joseph of Cupertino and our mission to pass on our faith and values. Twice a year, we will ask you to consider a financial donation to one or several funds already established within the church and school. Every dollar you donate will benefit the St. Joseph of Cupertino community. Together as priests, parents, teachers, school administrators, and parishioners, we can build strong foundations of trust, faith, and education that will last for years to come.

School Development Fund

The future of St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish School depends upon a healthy development fund. We are increasingly finding new challenges in today’s world. A financially stable development fund will help us to retain quality teachers and to keep our doors open to all families who value a Catholic education.

We use the interest and dividends from the Development Fund to augment our annual budget, thereby stabilizing our tuition structure and keeping our tuition affordable for the average family in our community. We conduct an Annual Development Fund Drive to add to the principal of the fund so that our interest dividend income keeps pace with inflation.

You can help through donations, pledges, stock grants, company matching gifts, arranging corporate donations, and deferred giving (wills, bequests, trusts).

Scholarship Funds

The Dick and Mary Lou Caldwell Memorial Scholarship Fund was initiated in 2005 in honor of Dick, a dedicated and long-time parishioner, a major force in every area of parish and school life (including as an SJC dad and grandfather). The fund was renamed to include his beloved wife, Mary Lou. This scholarship fund in their name ensures that their legacy of generosity and faithfulness is carried on for years to come.

The Father Leo Rooney-St. Joseph Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in honor of our former pastor, Father Leo Rooney. The fund serves as a primary financial aid resource for families needing tuition assistance.

The Nick Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in memory of a beloved sixth-grade student who died in February 2001. Each year, the interest from donations is used to fund a full tuition scholarship for a deserving student.

The Donna Brock Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of Mrs. Donna Brock who served our parish as Director of Religious Education and our school as Advanced Math Teacher. She touched so many lives over the years and we honor her memory.

Special Needs for School and Parish Projects

Through the LIFE program, parishioners and school parents may donate to Unrestricted Funds, where contributions are used for special Church and School projects. Typically, a donation to an Unrestricted Fund will be put where it is most needed.

For example, Church or Parish Hall improvements, such as painting and restroom upgrades, could be made with money from the Unrestricted Fund. School improvements may include mobile computer lab systems, addition of tutoring centers, or other school renovations. The fund may also be used to augment certain capital projects.

To learn more about Special Needs projects, contact School Principal Mary Lyons.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Donations specified for the Dick and Mary Lou Caldwell Memorial Scholarship, the Fr. Leo Rooney Memorial Scholarship, the Nick Kelly Memorial Scholarship, and the Donna Brock Memorial Scholarship directly benefit students whose families are not able to afford the full tuition. Approximately one in ten students is aided financially by one of these scholarship programs. The need for financial assistance for members of our student body has increased year-over-year due to the challenging economic environment.

Contributions made to the School Development Fund are deposited into the principal of our endowment fund to protect against inflation. The interest and dividends from this carefully managed fund facilitate our long-term goal of minimizing future tuition increases, enabling us to remain affordable for the average family. While other local schools have needed to raise tuition rates substantially, St. Joseph’s has increased the base tuition by minimal increments in recent years (the 1% - 2% range), thanks to this fund.

Unrestricted donations to St. Joseph’s Parish and School are earmarked for capital improvement projects for Parish and School buildings and facilities.

Your Gift to Legacies In Faith and Education supports:

  • A challenging academic curriculum in a faith-based environment
  • Advanced curriculum offering for students in Math, Spanish, Language Arts, and Science
  • Comprehensive reading and math intervention programs
  • Christian Service program (“Reach-Out”), retreats, and service opportunities
  • Special education assistance by a state certified/licensed teacher
  • Fully equipped computer lab, mobile computer lab, and science lab
  • Weekly Art, Music, Spanish, Library, Computer, and P.E. classes for all grades
  • Licensed Family Counselor services on-site for school families

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